3.10.2 Start Web Browser Debugging Session

To start interactive debugging for your RDML (Windows only) or RDMLX functions from a web browser, extend the URL syntax to include:


where <debug_host> consists of the name of the computer where the development environment that you want to use for debugging is running and the network port number used by the Visual LANSA Debug Service of that development environment and the 2 pieces of information are separated with a colon ‘:’, for example, mydevenv:51234. You can find both information from the LANSA Settings dialog of the development environment you want to use for debugging. (See LANSA Settings - Debug in Getting Started with Visual LANSA)

For example, assuming the computer name of the Development Environment that you want to use is mydevenv and the Visual LANSA Debug Service for that development environment is using network port number 51234, to debug the MYPROC function in the MYPROC process in the DEM partition, your URL might appear as follows: