Step 1. Create a Procedural Function

In this step, you will create a test process and a procedural test function. The test function will use the FRENQ02 template to create a header/details style inquiry function using the Department (DEPTAB) and Section (SECTAB) files.

1.    Using the LANSA development environment, signon to the partition nominated for the tutorials (usually DEM).

2.    Create a new LANSA process named iiiPROC00 Test Process (Procedural), where iii are your initials. (If the process already exists, select a different set of characters for iii.)

3.    Enable your iiiPROC00 process for web. If you need to know how, refer to Web Enabling a LANSA Process.

4.    Working with your iiiPROC00 process, create a new function named iiiFN0 Display Sections Procedural. Be sure to specify that the function is generated from an Application Template.

5.    Select the FRENQ02Header/Detail Inquiry template and answer the questions as shown below:



Enter the name of the base file to be used by this template


Select related files to be used

Select Section code table SECTAB

Do you want this function to be part of an action-bar style process?


Fields in Header Area

Select all fields

Fields in Detail/List Area


Design the fields in the header are DOWN the screen or ACROSS the screen?




6.  You do not need to edit any of the RDML in this function.

7.  Compile your iiiFN0 function. For more details, refer to Compiling Functions.