Important Observations

  • Procedural functions do not support the use of the browser’s Back button. In order to go back in the procedural paradigm, the user must use an equivalent to the F12=Cancel key or button.
  • You must always call your WEBEVENT functions directly. You can not call them from a process menu.
  • When testing your Web function applications, remember to use one of the buttons (Next, Search, Menu, Ok, etc.) on the page to submit the data back to the server. Do not press the Enter key unless specifically instructed. If you wish to have the Enter key submit your page, you must add a JavaScript function to handle this event. Refer to Handle the ENTER key in Browsers.
  • Tips & Techniques

  • The majority of your Web function applications will be built using WEBEVENT functions.
  • If you are building applications for an Intranet, you may wish to Web enable your existing LANSA applications instead of rebuilding WEBEVENT applications.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to Web enable a LANSA process and its functions.
  • How to execute a LANSA process using a standard browser.
  • How to directly execute a LANSA function using a standard browser.
  • How procedural functions are different from WEBEVENT functions when they execute over the Web.
  • Other Tutorials

    You may wish to proceed to WEB002 - Coding a WEBEVENT Functions.



    To learn how to use the Web Functions Wizard to customize your LANSA Web function applications. When you do the Wizard tutorials you will learn how to:

  • Customize browse lists and process specific layouts.
  • Use the Wizard to define menu components.
  • Adopt presentation layouts.
  • Customize a Presentation Layout
  • Customize a Menu Component
  • Customize System Wide Attributes
  • Import/Export an Application