Step 4. Test Your WEBEVENT Functions

1.  Check that your functions compiled successfully.

2.  Open a browser window (Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater is recommended) and execute your iiiFN5 function as follows:

     http://<server domain name>/cgi-bin/lansaweb?procfun+iiiPROC03+iiiFN5+<ppp>



     <server domain name> is the domain name or IP address of your Web server

     <ppp> is the LANSA partition

     iii are your initials

3.  Test your new WEBEVENT function as follows:

4.  Try executing your iiiFN6 WEBEVENT Display Department/Section function directly from the browser.

     Notice what happens. Why do you receive the error message that no record could be found? For the answer, refer to the Important Observations in the Summary.