Important Observations

  • The Data Exchange is automatically handled by LANSA. You did not have to code exchange of data between iiiFN5 and iiiFN6. When you execute iiiFN6 directly, you receive an error message because no data was passed to the function. iiiFN6 usually receives its data (i.e. the Department Code) from iiiFN05.
  • The #RENTRY field must be included as a *HIDDEN variable in the REQUEST statement so that it is passed along with the #DEPTMENT when the iiiFN7 function is called to DISPLAY the search results.
  • When you compile your re-entrant WEBEVENT function, you may have received compile warnings about the structure of your function. For more details, refer to Considerations for WEBEVENT Functions.
  • If you have completed the Web Functions Wizard tutorials, you will notice that the browse list presentation for your iiiLIST defaults to the layout you defined with Wizard.
  • Tips & Techniques

  • You can use Web Link components instead of keywords. For an example, refer to WEB008 - Web Components.
  • You can use the Web Functions Wizard to enhance the layout of your function.
  • What I Should Know

  • How to convert a procedural function into WEBEVENT function(s).
  • How to write a re-entrant WEBEVENT function.
  • How to use the Web Function Editor Keywords to link WEBEVENT functions.
  • Other Tutorials

    You are now ready to complete WEB004 - LANSA Generated HTML Pages.