WEB004 - LANSA Generated HTML Pages


  • To execute the Web Function Editor and review some of the basic Editor features.
  • To learn how to identify the LANSA generated HTML pages.
  • To review the HTML pages created for the iiiFN05 Request Department function. The HTML will be manually edited and the function will be recompiled to show how versions and the Web Function Editor's Compare and Contrast features work.
  • To become familiar with the default (page components) and HTML documents generated by LANSA.
  • The focus of this tutorial is NOT the HTML code generated or the RDML tags used by LANSA. You will review the use of LANSA tags in an upcoming exercise.

    To achieve these objectives, you complete the following steps:

  • Step 1. Open and Configure the Web Function Editor
  • Step 2. Identify Generated HTML Pages
  • Step 3. Edit the HTML Page for iiiFN05
  • Step 4. Modify and Recompile Function iiiFN05
  • Step 5. Use Compare and Contrast to Review your HTML
  • Summary
  • Before You Begin

    You may wish to review these topics and all their related sections:

  • LANSA Generated HTML Pages
  • In order to complete the tutorials, you should have completed the following:

  • WEB002 - Coding a WEBEVENT Functions
  • It is very important that you have configured LANSA to allow for automatic backup of the generated HTML pages. Use the LANSA Web Administrator to check these Data/Application Server settings.