WEB009 - Web Page Substitution (Optional - Advanced)

Note: If you copy and paste these HTML examples into the Web Function Editor, use HTML Paste rather than Paste, so that the HTML tags are copied with the text.


  • To demonstrate a technique which can be used so that custom changes to your HTML will not be replaced when a function is recompiled.
  • To show how to use a single field and a Web page component to substitute for the display in a function so that changes to the HTML page are not lost when a function is recompiled and the HTML is regenerated.
  • This tutorial is optional. It introduces some more advanced level concepts, which are very important to developing WEBEVENT function applications with LANSA. This tutorial provides a very simple example to demonstrate the concept of Web page substitution.

    To achieve these objectives, you will complete the following steps:

  • Step 1. Create a New Function
  • Step 2. Create a New Web Component
  • Step 3. Copy the HTML Code For Page Component iiiFN08C
  • Step 4. Test the Function
  • Step 5. Add Fields to the iiiFN08 Function
  • Optional Step 6. Modifying iiiFN06
  • Summary
  • Before You Begin

    You may wish to review these topics and all of their related sections:

  • WEBEVENT Functions
  • Web Components
  • In order to complete the tutorials, you must have completed the following:

  • WEB002 - Coding a WEBEVENT Functions
  • WEB004 - LANSA Generated HTML Pages
  • WEB006 - Graphic Variables
  • WEB008 - Web Components