5.5 How is the Output Presentation Created?

After a WEBROUTINE is invoked from the browser and the incoming fields and lists have been received (as mapped in its WEB_MAP statements), the RDMLX code of the WEBROUTINE is executed until ENDROUTINE statement is encountered. The RDMLX logic might retrieve data from a database or perform calculations using the incoming fields.

Once the WEBROUTINE has completed, it sends back any outgoing fields and lists (as mapped in its WEB_MAP statements) to the LANSA Data/Application Server. The outgoing field and list values are then used to create an Input XML document in the format described in Appendix B. WAM XML Structure.

The XSL Stylesheet for the WEBROUTINE, based on the required Technology Service and Language, is used to transform the Input XML document (at runtime) into the required presentation.  For example, HTML is used as the default Technology Service. The transformed presentation output (HTML) is then returned by the Web Server back to the browser.