6.5 Sharing Information between WAMs and WEBEVENT Functions

Existing WEBEVENT functions sometimes share non-visible or server side information amongst themselves using hidden browse list(s) and/or hidden field(s) that often pass through the client browser on each web interaction. This technique is a simple form of session state management.

This technique is acceptable for sharing information between WEBEVENT functions, but it cannot be used to share information between WAMs and WEBEVENT functions - or vice-versa.

There is a newer, better and clearer general-purpose technique for sharing information between both WEBEVENT and WAM applications executing within the same web session and it is described in:

6.5.1 Uniquely Identifying Shared Data

6.5.2 Sharing Data

6.5.3 Clean up Shared Data

6.5.4 Visual LANSA Framework and the 'Virtual Clipboard'