To avoid overloading the client CPU, the browser will automatically round any value of scroll_delay less than 60 milliseconds up to 60.  The scroll_true_speed parameter can be used to override this behaviour and honor the specified scroll_delay.

Scroll_true_speed is currently only supported by Internet Explorer.  Because of this, it is better practice to always use a value of 60 or greater for scroll_delay and increase scroll_amount to get the speed you require.


Default Value


Valid Values

True(), false() or any valid expression, involving field names, literals or XSL variables, which can be resolved to true() or false().


This example will use the appropriate scrolling properties as determined by the evaluation of the expression #STD_FLAG is equal to 'X'. The expression should be entered, and is shown when the property has focus, as follows:

When the property loses focus, the expression is shown as follows: