A Boolean property that determines how the panel is sized. The navigated-to page must be in the same domain as the current page.

The size used will be determined by the browser and may vary slightly from browser to browser.  It may also be affected by the initial size.  For best results, make sure your panel content page explicitly sizes its content so that the browser doesn't have to decide for itself.  Note, also, that Opera will not reduce the size of the panel.

If using nav_url, the URL must be from the same server that the WAM is from.  Browser security restrictions prevent code in a page from one server accessing information in a page from another server.  If the panel content is from another server, the panel will not be able to determine its size. Using a URL that points to another server will cause the prompter code to fail with an "access denied" error.

Default value

false() – the panel is not resized when navigated to.

Valid values

true(), false(), 'once', or a valid expression. If set to true(), the frame will be sized to the content of the page it navigates to every time the navigation occurs. If set to 'once', the sizing will occur only on the first navigation and the panel will remain at that size on subsequent navigations.