A Boolean property that controls the way in which the panel is loaded if a URL has been specified in the nav_url property. Ignored if nav_url is not specified.

If true, the url is loaded using a new thread.  The effect of this is that the browser will not wait for the panel to load before firing the onLoad event to indicate the page has loaded.  If nav_asynchronously is false, the browser will wait for the panel to finish loading before firing the event.

This property is not supported by Opera.  Opera will behave as if nav_asynchronously is true regardless of its actual value.

Default value

true() – the nav_url URL (if specified) is navigated to asynchronously.

Valid values

If set to True, the URL specified in the nav_url property will be navigated to asynchronously (that is, the rest of the outer page will load before the panel is loaded).