QuickStart - Grid

To use this weblet you would typically create a webroutine that specifies a working list in its WEB_MAP. The grid weblet can be used to represent the data in the working list by completing the following steps in the LANSA Editor:

1.  If the working list was not *HIDDEN on the WEB_MAP a default table representation of the working list will be included on the web page. Delete the table that visualizes the list. To do this, right-click in the list and select Delete Entire List from the pop-up menu.

2.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate the Grid weblet.

3.  Drag and drop the weblet onto your page in the Design view. Make sure the weblet is selected and then click on the Details tab.

4.  Set the listname property to the working list passed on the WEB_MAP. The grid representation should immediately reflect the working list details.

5.  Optionally you may want to set the height and width properties to fit your webpage design.

For more information on customizing grid columns with your own weblets refer to Customize Grid Columns.