QuickStart - List Paging Images & List Paging Buttons

To use either of these weblets you would create a webroutine that specifies a working list in its WEB_MAP. The WAM should be designed for page at a time processing with a single page of entries passed in the defined working list. The working list will be visualized as a table on the resulting web page and by adding a row to the table you can incorporate navigation by completing the following steps in the LANSA Editor:

1.  Add a row to the table generated to show the working list To do this, right-click in the list and select Table – Add Row - 1 from the pop-up menu.

2.  If the table includes more than one column, focus on the first column in the newly created row and click on the Design tab Set the colspan property to the number of visible columns in the table This will allow the navigation weblet to display across the full width of the table.

3.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate the List Paging Images (or List Paging Buttons) weblet.

4.  Drag and drop into the newly created table row in the Design view Make sure the weblet is selected and then click on the Details tab.

5.  Set the on_page_wrname property to the webroutine to be invoked when either the Previous or Next image (buttons) is clicked.

6.  Set the on_search_wrname property to the webroutine to be invoked when the Search  image (button) is clicked.

7.  Set an appropriate field name in the reentryfield property or use the default field STDRENTRY This field is required to distinguish between previous and next page processing in the RDMLX code.