QuickStart - Menu item

The menu item weblet is used to provide a skeletal menu in the default standard webroutine layouts. You may wish to use them in your layouts to provide this functionality or you can use them directly in the page for individual webroutines. To use the menu item weblet, follow these steps:

1.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate the Menu item weblet.

2.  Drag and drop the weblet onto your page in the Design view (You may wish to use a table or some other device to assist in arranging multiple instances of the weblet.)  Click on the weblet and then click on the Details tab.

3.  Set the caption property as required.

4.  Set the on_click_wrname property to the name of the webroutine to be invoked when the hyperlink is clicked If the webroutine is in a different WAM to the current webroutine then you will need to set the on_click_wamname property as well Alternatively you can set the href property to cause the weblet to navigate to a destination that is not a webroutine.