QuickStart - Radio Button

A radio button should always be displayed as a group of two or more radio buttons. Each radio button you add to the web page will usually correspond to a field included on WEB_MAP of a webroutine. When you open the XSL generated for the webroutine in the LANSA Editor:

1.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate the Radio Button weblet.

2.  Drag the Radio Button weblet over the field generated from your WEB_MAP definition. (You may want to delete the field description). This will display with default radio button settings.

3.  Click on the weblet to review the Details tab. Notice that the name and value properties have been set to indicate the field you dragged the weblet on to. The value property indicates that on presentation of the web page any value currently in this field will be compared against the code property to determine if this radio button should be checked. When the radio buttons value is changed the appropriate value will be place in the field nominated on the name property – in this case the same field.

4.  Set the caption property as required and ensure the code property matches the required value for the caption.