3.11 Theming WAMs

Most weblets use the jQuery UI visual design theme, which makes it easier for you to customize colors, fonts and other visual design elements on your web pages. Themable layouts (themelets) provide a matching layout for your WAMs.

LANSA ships the following jQuery UI themes:

Aside from the shipped standard themelets (two different styles) you can create your own themeable layout using the Web Application Layout Manager Wizard.

To implement a theme, add the jQuery UI stylesheet and either the base LANSA Theme extensions (for example, external resource XWT01L for the Redmond theme) or the corresponding LANSA themelet styles (for example, external resource styles XWT01J and XWT01L101 for the Redmond theme) to your WAM layout.

Alternatively, add them to your site layout so that all your WAMs share the same theme.