3.8.3 LOB/File Properties

The Response variable has properties to set the following:

1.  ContentType: If you need to override the default determined from the file extension or the file extension is unknown. By default LANSA uses the file extension to determine the content type.

2.  Charset: to override the character set for files with text content. By default, LANSA determines the character set from the file's CCSID (IBM i) or the Byte Order Mark (other platforms).

3.  AttachmentFileName: To ask the user to save the file as an attachment with a suggested name. If not defined, a content-disposition header is not added.

4.  Compression: True/False. Use gzip encoding to compress the file. The default value is False.

5.  RemoveFile: True/False. If True, the file is removed after it is sent to the user agent. The default value is False.

Note: You don't need to remove LOB files that you read from LANSA files. They are automatically cleaned up for you by the LANSA runtime when the request is completed.


For example: