3.8.5 CLOBs and Files with Text Content

CLOBs and files that have text content-type are sent as text therefore the file encoding has an impact in how LANSA handles the file.

For IBM i, LANSA uses the file CCSID attribute to determine the character-set of the content. You can override this character-set by specifying the Charset property.

Special Case for UTF‑16

The IBM i HTTP Server doesn't serve text content in UTF‑16. Text content in UTF‑16 is transcoded to UTF‑8. The exceptions are XML documents. XML documents encoded in UTF‑16 are sent with content-type application/xml (binary).

For Windows and Linux, the only encodings that are detected automatically are UTF‑16 and UTF‑8 files. LANSA uses the Byte Order Mark (BOM) of the file to determine the encoding. To set the character-set for other text files, specify the Charset property of the HTTP response.