3.9.3 Order of External Resource Inclusion

The order in which scripts and styles are included is important. External resources are added in the order in which they are found. If a webroutine or weblet imports weblets that themselves have external resources, they are added at the point in which the weblet import is encountered. The following example shows the order of inclusion:

The external resources order of inclusion is:

1.  ExtRes11

2.  ExtRes12

3.  ExtRes21 - Note that the import of External Resource 11 isn't repeated.

4.  ExtRes22

5.  ExtRes01

6.  ExtRes02

This order ensures that you can include scripts and styles in the correct sequence when there are dependencies between the files (for example, JavaScript functions that rely on existing JavaScript libraries being present). For further details about the sequencing of external resources, refer to Using External Resources in the Visual LANSA User Guide.

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