3.10.1 jQuery Tools and Tips

Working with other JavaScript libraries

jQuery enabled XHTML layouts have the jQueryNoConflic property. If set to true, jQuery.noConfict() is called to relinquish the $ name. You need to include the other JavaScript library that uses the $ name before you include jQuery Core.

Escaping LANSA field and column names in jQuery ID selectors

LANSA field names may have '$' in their names. List column names have '.' as separators in their qualified names (for example, LIST1.0001.EMPNO). To get the field ID that you can use in a jQuery ID selector, you can use the LANSA jQuery global extension lansa.makeSafeId().

var myvar = jQuery(jQuery.lansa.makeSafeId("LIST1.0001.EMPNO"));

This is equivalent to:

var myvar = jQuery("#LIST1\\.0001\\.EMPNO");