7.6.1 What are weblets and weblet templates?

WAMs are shipped with a set of standard weblets for each Technology Service. A weblet is a repository object that contains one or more weblet templates. A weblet template is a reusable component that wraps some common functionality and can be dragged and dropped onto your WebRoutine designs.

Although a weblet may contain many weblet templates, it is normal practice for each weblet to contain only one template so the term "weblet" is often used to refer to a weblet template. A weblet may exist in one or more of the Technology Services.

Note: Weblets sometimes contain a second weblet template where the extra template is a special version of the main template for use on inline lists. These "inline" weblet templates do not show up in the Weblet Templates section of the repository because the WAM Editor will automatically use the correct template as required.

You should never modify the shipped weblets directly. Every time a Partition Initialization with the Enable for the Web is executed, the shipped weblets are re-imported and the weblets in the repository are overwritten. If you wish to customize a weblet, make a copy of the shipped weblet then modify the copy (including JavaScript functions that the weblet uses as they might be changed in future versions).

The shipped weblets use a standard naming convention where the weblet name is prefixed with 'std_'. You should not use this prefix for any custom weblets you create.

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