Grid Column Example

This example adds a combo box to the Department column in a list of employees.  It assumes an employee list called #EMPLIST containing a #DEPTMENT column and a department list called #DEPTS containing #DEPTMENT and #DEPTDESC.

1.  Add a grid to the Webroutine design and set its listname property to EMPLIST.

2.  Modify the grid_col_properties property and select the Customize Column option for the DEPTMENT column.

3.  Drag a combo box weblet onto the first non-header cell of the DEPTMENT column.

4.  Set the listname property of the dropdown to DEPTS.

5.  Set the codefield property to DEPTMENT and the captionfield property to DEPTDESC. Your grid should be looking something like this:


Notice that the value property contains a single period (.).  This indicates that the value for the combo box should be the value of the current column of the EMPLIST list.

Notice, also, that the display_mode property is set to $tsml_col_mode. This is a special XSLT variable used inside the grid to indicate the display mode defined in the DEF_LIST.

Now an on_change action will be added to the combo box to execute a Webroutine when a value is changed. The Webroutine, UpdateDepartment, takes two inputs: EMPNO and DEPTMENT.

6.  Set the on_change_wrname property of the combo box to UpdateDepartment.

7.  Set the tagfield1 property of the combo box to DEPTMENT.  This tells the combo box to submit the selected value of the DEPTMENT column (in the DEPTS list).

8.  Set the reentryfield property of the combo box to EMPNO and set the reentryvalue property to ../lxml:column[@name='EMPNO'].  As this is an XPath expression you must use the XPath entry area at the bottom of the details tab to enter the value.  This tells the combo box to get the value of the EMPNO column of the grid and submit it in a field called EMPNO.