The name of a field whose value is used to filter the list supplied to the weblet into a smaller list for display. When building the display list, this value is compared with the value in the lists "selector" column. If a match is found the entry is included in the displayed list.

This can be useful for reducing the work done at the server. Instead of calculating the list entries every time it is executed, the webroutine could output a pre-built list with all possible values and a selector value. The browser can then reduce the list to a subset based on the selector value.

This can also be used to allow a dynamic list to refresh without having to make a server request. If the field being monitored for updates is also the selectorValueField then the weblet can rebuild itself by applying the new selector value to the list initially passed to it.

Default value

Blank. No filtering is done.

Valid values

The name of any output field in the current Webroutine.