QuickStart – Export to Excel

You would typically use this weblet when your page has a table or grid with tabular data that users would want to manipulate in a spreadsheet.

This weblet uses ActiveX and works only in MS Internet Explorer. The weblet is disabled if the browser doesn't support ActiveX.

This weblet is to be used with tables that contain output fields only. If the table contains Weblets or input elements, the result won't work as expected.

1.  Click on the Weblets tab, select Standard Weblets from the drop-down list near the top and locate the Export to Excel weblet.

2.  Drag and drop the weblet onto the web page.

3.  Set the listname property with the name of the list you want to make exportable.

4.  Set the startingColumnIndex property with the index of the first column to include in the export (first column has index 0).

5.  Set the numberOfColums property with the numbers of columns to export.

6.  Change the caption property if needed.