Specifies the display order and formating for the hour/minute/second wheels. (h - 12 hour format (no leading zero), hh - 12 hour format (leading zero), H - 24 hour format (no leading zero), HH - 24 hour format (leading zero), i - minutes (no leading zero), ii - minutes (leading zero), s - seconds (no leading zero), ss - seconds (leading zero), a - lowercase am/pm, A - uppercase AM/PM).. The options also controls if a specific wheel should appear or not, for example, use 'HHii' to display hours (24 hour format) and minutes wheels only, 'hhiissa' to display hours (12 hour format), minutes, seconds and am/pmwheels.

Default value

Blank – Uses the localised default as defined in the current std_messages file (see 3.10 Localization for details).

Valid values

Any string using formatting characters described above.