9.5.5 Button (std_button_s1 and std_button_v2)

The button weblet represents an HTML <button> element which creates a clickable button. Unlike a button created with the <input> element (Input box weblet) the button weblet can contain custom HTML like formatted text and images. Weblet std_button_v2 has the same properties as std_button_s1, but with the difference that you can add content to the button element.

There are three possible types of button:


A 'submit' button calls a web routine sending the values of all named fields in the parent form (or the form specified in the form property). You should use a submit button whenever sending data to a web routine that results in a database update or when you require HTML 5 validation to be performed on the fields before the form is submitted.


A 'reset' button resets all fields in the parent <form> (or the form specified in the form property) to the value they had when the page was loaded.


A 'button' button has no default action when clicked. You can attach a custom JavaScript function to a button by using the presubmitJS property.


Use std_button_v2 only if you need to add content to the button element. For all other cases, use std_button_s1.