9.5.19 Input Box (std_input)

The Input Box weblet creates an <input> element. The <input> element is the basic form of data entry in HTML pages. It is used to create every type of input control (including buttons) that HTML supports except multiline text fields. The jQuery Mobile framework will automatically enhance the default controls for the mobile environment and the theme.

The Input Box weblet supports all HTML 5 input attributes. However, since HTML5 is fairly new and not all the details have been worked out yet, not all web browsers support HTML5 features the same way, or at all. To get the latest information on which browsers support what features, visit the Wufoo.com HTML 5 page.

Tip: Although the Input Box is able to create checkboxes and radio buttons, it will usually be easier to use the Checkbox and Radio Button Group weblets as they have been designed to make working with RDMLX easier.