9.2.1 RDMLX Data types

Validation of RDMLX data types can be added to any <input>, <select> or <textarea> element by adding a data-lstddatatype attribute to it. The attribute value should be a | delimited string starting with the data type followed by extra parameters as required by the data type:

integer|<max length>

float|<max length>

packed|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

signed|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

dec|<total digits>|<fraction digits>|<decimal separator>

alpha|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

char|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

varchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

nchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

nvarchar|<keyboard shift>|<max length>

For example, a field defined with the following RDMLX:

Define Field(#TST_PKD) Type(*PACKED) Length(6) Decimals(2)


might use an <input> tag like this:

<input id="MyWR_TST_PKD" name="TST_PKD" maxlength="6" size="11"

        data-lstddatatype="packed|6|2|." type="number" />


When you generate a new webroutine or drop a field onto a design, the WAM Editor will automatically set this attribute for you. Standard weblets that create form elements will set this attribute based on the value of their rdmlxDataType property.