Image Charting Weblets

The image charting weblets provide you a means to visualize data. They are useful to compare distribution of values, trends and proportional part-to-whole information.

The charting weblets use the Google Image Chart API. The weblets provide you an easy way to request chart images from Google.

Note: The image charts is a service provided by Google so you need to abide by Google's Chart Usage Policy:

Google Chart Usage Policy
There's no limit to the number of calls per day you can make to the Google Chart API. However, Google reserves the right to block any use that it regards as abusive. If you think your service may risk being blocked, contact Google.

There are three types of charts you can create using the Google Charting weblets:

Weblet name


Google Bar Chart (std_gbar_chart)


Single and multiple data series. You can create vertical, horizontal, grouped, stacked, and overlapped bar charts.

Google Line Chart (std_gline_chart)

Single and multiple data series. You can create various types of line charts and put markers on data points.

Google Pie Chart (std_gpie_chart)

Simple and 3D pie charts for single data series.  Use concentric pie charts for multiple data series.