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The datetime weblet provides a text input box control with added features to support the display, entry, prompting and validation of date and/or time values. It broadly corresponds to the <input type="text"> HTML element.

An example of the weblet is shown below. In this example, the (optional) calendar prompt button has been clicked and the calendar prompt window is visible:


The datetime weblet is used to display and receive input for fields containing dates, times or datetimes. If your field contains only a date or only a time you may prefer to use one of the specialized weblets that are based on this weblet: std_date or std_time.

The datetime weblet is best used with fields of date, time or datetime data types. If you use these types, the data will automatically be passed in the format expected by the weblet. You can use the datetime weblet with fields of other numeric types such as packed or signed, but it is your responsibility to ensure the numeric value is formatted in the correct ISO format expected by the datetime weblet. For example, you could use a signed (14, 0) field containing a date and time in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format with an edit word ('0  - - & : : ') to format it as an ISO date and time format.