1.2 The BIG Advantage of the WAM Architecture

The separation of Application Logic and Presentation Layers introduces a new level of flexibility to LANSA's web solution.

Separating the business logic from the User Interface helps to "future-proof" your WAM applications. Potentially, your XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language) browser-based applications of today can be deployed tomorrow using the User Interface technology of the day (whether that be XAML, AUIML or some other technology yet to be invented) without having to change your business logic.

the Presentation Layer uses a Technology Service (TSP) to generate the User Interface for each potential platform. Currently, one of the most common Technology Services in the web world is XHTML. This is one TSP that LANSA generates for, delivering a User Interface that will look good in Internet Explorer or some other browser.

The other TSP that LANSA generates for is PocketPC XHTML, which is basically the same as the default XHTML but designed to fit a handheld device.

Other TSPs can be introduced with relative ease, allowing a single WAM to have multiple user interfaces by selecting the appropriate TSP. This means that the same application can be run on different devices, making for the perfect separation of Application Logic and presentation.