2.5.1 How can I Change the Value of a Shipped Variable?

Variables in XSL are not like the variables you have come across in other programming environments. In XSL, the term variable is used in its mathematical sense to mean a placeholder. This means that, once defined, a variable cannot be changed.

It is possible to override a variable in certain contexts. To do this correctly you need to have a good understanding of XSLT import precedence. The variables defined in std_variables provide access to environment parameters and specific parts of the source lxml data. If you need to change the default value of a variable then change the source data rather than the variable.

If you wish to create your own variables then create your own xxx_variables weblet and import it into your layouts or weblets as required.

We do not recommend that you change the std_variables weblet as this may be changed by future updates.

StopStamp If you reinstall Visual LANSA, any changes made to the standard shipped weblets will be overwritten.