2.4.2 What is a Layout Weblet?

If you have many WAM layouts and want them to share common elements, you can place the common elements in a Layout Weblet. Similar to other weblets, the purpose of the Layout Weblet is to reuse functionality and avoid unnecessary duplication. Refer to Create a Weblet in the Visual LANSA User Guide for details about Weblets.

Three themable Layout Weblets (Themelets) are shipped with Visual LANSA (std_themelet1_[1-3]col). These layouts can be used for any WAM-specific layouts or as a starting point for creating your own site Layout Weblets.

The easiest way to create your own site layouts is to use the Web Application Layout Manager Wizard.

When you create a new WAM you can select the site's Layout Weblet. The WAM layout that is automatically created is based on the Layout you nominate.