Step 2. Set up Documents for an Employee

WAM095 - LOB Data Types and Stream Files

Before You Begin

1.  Start the Visual LANSA Framework (VLF) from the VL Framework group on the Tools ribbon.

     If this is the first time VLF has been run, the shipped framework (vf_sy0001_system.xml) will be run by default. If necessary, in the following dialog select the Open Latest Demonstration Version checkbox to select the latest shipped framework:


2.  Select the HR Demo Application and then select the Resources business object. Enter B in the mini filter in the toolbar and press Enter to display employees in the Instance list. Select employee BROWN, VERONICA, A0070.

     Select the Documents tab for this employee.

3.  Open Windows Explorer and navigate to folder c:\Program Files\LANSA. Drag the sample files (types: doc, txt, ppt, xls and pdf) into the right hand Documents panel as shown:

4.  Select the Save Pending Changes button to save the documents to the file DXDOCS.