Step 9. Understand WEB_MAP

WAM010 - Using WEB_MAPs

In this step, you will test out the WebRoutines that you have just created and see the WEB_MAP in action.

1.  Open WMdemo in the Design view.

2.  Use the Execute button in the toolbar to run the WebRoutine in the web browser.

3.  Click the WMDemo2 button and observe that some of the data in these fields is not transferred to the WMDemo2 WebRoutine.

     This is because ADDRESS1 and POSTCODE are output only, so although they are sent to WMDemo2 by clicking the WMDemo2 button on the WMDemo web page and are shown on the web page for WMDemo2, they are not accepted by the WMDemo2 WebRoutine as input, therefore the values of the fields are lost when transferring to the WebRoutine WMDemo2.

4.  Click the Read button to populate all of the fields again. Now click the WMDemo button. See that all of the data is preserved. All of the fields are output from WMdemo2 and they are all accepted as input to WMdemo, so data will not be lost.

5.  The employee number is always retained in its output field because the web page for WMDemo and WMDemo2 WebRoutines contain a hidden copy of employee number, which is mapped into the WebRoutine.

     Note: In web applications, it is often necessary to display a key field value for output and have a hidden copy of the field on the page, in order to pass a value into the next WebRoutine.