Step 3. Make the Sections Dropdown list dynamic

WAM040 - Add dropdown lists for Department and Section

In this step you will define a new response WebRoutine which the AJAX enabled Dynamic Select box for sections will invoke.

1.  Select the Source tab.

2.  Create a new response WebRoutine, that will be invoked by the sections dynamic select box when DEPTMENT changes. The requirements for this WebRoutine are:

Your code should look like the following:

WebRoutine Name(USectDD) Response(*JSON)
Web_Map For(*input) Fields(#deptment)
Web_Map For(*output) Fields((#sectdd *JSON))
#com_owner.buildDD2 I_Dept(#deptment) I_Sect(#section)

3.  Compile your WAM.

4.  Open WebRoutine Details in the Design view.

5.  Select the Section's dynamic select box and set up additional properties as follows:






Field Value: DEPTMENT


6.  Set the updateFieldsToSubmit property by selecting the Value column and clicking on the Ellipsis button to open the Design of… property's dialog.

a.  Select a field Name of DEPTMENT

b.  For Value, enter DEPTMENT.

c.  Select the Field radio button.

7.  Click OK to close the dialog.

8     Save your WAM.

9.  Test your WAM by running the Begin webroutine. You should now be able to select a new department and notice that the sections dropdown list is refreshed.

     In a later exercise, you will learn more about using the dynamic select box weblet.