Step 3. Create WAM iiiEnhancedUI – Enhancing the Interface

WAM085 - Enhancing the User Interface

This WAM will use the new fields that you have just created. It will also build on the previous exercise, by enabling session management and saving a working list of each set of data entered.

This WAM will operate as follows:

1.  Create a new WAM:

     Name: iiiEnhancedUI

     Description: Enhancing the Interface

     Layout weblet: iiilay01

2. Create the following four WebRoutines:

* Start session and transfer to select
Webroutine Name(begin) Onentry(*sessionstatus_none)

* Request an employee number
Webroutine Name(select) Desc('Select an Employee')

* Fetch employee and accept input
Webroutine Name(showpage) Desc('Enter employee details')

* Display the saved working list
Webroutine Name(showlist) Desc('Saved list of employee data')


3.  Note that the begin WebRoutine has an onentry() keyword of *sessionstatus_none. This will be the first WebRoutine executed to start session management.

     Use the F7 key to display the WAM properties on the Details tab and enable session management:

4.Save your changes.