Step 1. Create the List Row Weblet – iii_ListRow

WAM090 - Using a List Row Weblet

1.  Create a new weblet as shown:

     Give the weblet a Weblet Group of Custom Weblets.

     If the group Custom Weblets does not already exist, type the name into the Weblet Group combo box and a new group will be created.

2.  Copy the weblet XSL code from WAM090. Appendix, at the end of this exercise and replace the default code in your new weblet.

3.  Save the new weblet definition.

4.  Select the XSL tab and use the Replace dialog to replace all occurrences of iii_ListRow with the same name using your initials in place of iii. There should be 5 occurrences.

5.  Save your changes.

6.  Select the Design view. Your weblet design should look like the following:

     A row is defined with an image on the left hand side and data fields and label fields arranged in three rows with four columns.