Step 1. Check in a WAM and its Layout

To compile and run your WAM on the IBM i, you will need to ensure that you have also checked in any dependent objects.

1.  On the Repository tab find WAM iiiEmpEnquiry under Web / Web Application Modules. Use the context menu to Check In:

     The Check In Options dialog opens.

2.  Select the WAM layout to enable the Cross References toolbar button. Click the toolbar button to open the Local Cross References dialog:

3.  Select the common layout iiilay01 and click the Add for check in button, to add it to the check in list of objects.

4.  Click the Close button to close this dialog. Your check in dialog should look like the following:

 Note: The common layout iiilay01 has been added to the objects to be check in.    

     Ensure that the Check In options are as shown.

     When you check in a WAM for compile the following steps occur:

5.  Confirm the check in by clicking the OK button. The Check in information area will appear at the foot of the Editor window as shown in this example.

6.  Review the check in information to ensure that no errors have occurred.