Step 1. Output Employee Enquiry to a File

This exercise uses a simple enquiry WAM. When running in the browser, an employee number is requested via WebRoutine begin. A second WebRoutine details is invoked which displays employee data.

Using X_RUN the details WebRoutine is invoked, passing employee number as a parameter so that the web page containing data for the requested employee can be written to a file.

To execute a WAM, the parameters required by the X_RUN command for Windows are as follows:




*WAMSP is the value to activate the "output to file" function


WAM Name


WebRoutine Name


Mark up language, e.g. LANSA:HTML




Language, e.g ENG


User. Optional for some platforms


Output file path where the output will be saved. Format depends on platform.

e.g. for Windows



The format of the X_RUN command for Windows is:



     The X_RUN command does not have a parameter to input a field and value. X_RUN does have a user defined parameter UDEF, which is a 256 long character field. To use the UDEF parameter, a simple modification to the WebRoutine is required to retrieve the UDEF value using the Built-in Function GET_SESSION_VALUE. If the value returned by the BIF is non blank, the details WebRoutine can retrieve employee data using the session value as employee number.

1.  Create a new Employee Enquiry WAM and complete its code by copying the following code.

     Name: iiiEmpEnqToFile

     Description: Employee Enquiry to File

     Layout Template: iiilay01

Webroutine Name(begin) Desc('Select Employee')
Web_Map For(*output) Fields(#empno)
Webroutine Name(DETAILS) Desc('Employee Details')
Web_Map For(*BOTH) Fields((#EMPNO *OUTPUT))
Web_Map For(*OUTPUT) Fields(#empgroup)
Fetch Fields(#empgroup) From_File(PSLMST) With_Key(#EMPNO) Val_Error(*NEXT)
If_Status Is_Not(*OKAY)
Message Msgtxt('Employee not found')


2.  Add logic to the details WebRoutine to retrieve session value. If non blank, use as employee number.

     Add the following code in WebRoutine Details, immediately before the FETCH command.

Define Field(#retcode) Type(*char) Length(2)
Use Builtin(get_session_value) With_Args(UDEF) To_Get(#STD_QSEL #retcode)
If (#std_qsel *NE *blanks)
#empno := #std_QSEL.trim

3.  Compile your WAM.

4.  Open the begin WebRoutine in the design view.

a.  Add a right hand column to the table containing employee number.

b.  Drag and drop a push button weblet into the new column.

c.  Change the caption to Select.

d.  Set the push button on_click_wrname property to invoke the Details WebRoutine.

e.  The submitExtraFields property does not need to be specified.

f.  Remove the place holder characters.

g.  Save your changes.

5.  Run the begin WebRoutine in the browser and ensure that the details WebRoutine executes normally when invoked from the begin web page.  Enter an employee number such as A0090, A0070 or A1001.