About the Tutorials

Who Should Use this Tutorial?

A novice LANSA developer, as well as experienced LANSA developers, can use these exercises to learn how to build applications with LANSA Integrator.

You must, however, be able to create LANSA processes and functions using RDML & RDMLX. You should know how to edit RDML/X and how to create fields in the LANSA Repository.

How Do I Use the Exercises?

There is no specific sequence for doing these exercises. Some are independent and demonstrate a specific service, others depend on the preceding exercise, however, note that some processes and functions created in early exercises are reused in later exercises.

To allow for more than one developer to use the exercises, all LANSA object names will be prefixed with iii. You may use any three characters, such as the initials of your name, for the iii characters. For example, if your name is John David Smith you can use the characters JDS. When asked to create a function named iiiFN01, you will create a function named JDSFN01. Always remember to replace iii with your unique 3 characters.

Note: If you are using a trial version of Visual LANSA without a dongle, you must use a prefix of iii=DEM and function and component names are restricted. For example, a form must be named DEMCOM01 to 09. Only one student may complete the course using the DEM prefix as function names are registered on the JSM Server and must be unique.

To check that your LANSA partition is properly set up to use the exercises, refer to the Tutorial Installation (following).

What Partition Should I Use?

If you have the DEM partition, this should contain the Personnel System files, so you could use this partition for the exercises. 

If you do not use the DEM partition, use any RDMLX enabled, multilingual partition and ensure the Personnel System files have been imported

Tutorial Installation

In order to use the LANSA Integrator Tutorials, you must install Integrator Studio and the User Agent. For further information, refer to LANSA Integrator Install and Set up in the Install or Upgrade LANSA on Windows Guide.

Some tutorials are run using JSMDIRECT which requires an installed HTTP Server. Refer to JSMDIRECT for information.

How Many Developers Can Use the Training?

There is no limit on the number of developers who may use the training at the same time. However, it is important that each developer has a unique identifier for their work.

In the exercise, each developer will use an object prefix iii that can be based on your initials or could be assigned by a system coordinator.

Structure of the exercises

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