1.3.3 What is JSMDirect?

JSMDirect is a HTTP extension to the Java Service Manager.

It enables a LANSA or RPG application using the Java Service Manager to participate in Web services for B2B transactions.

LANSA or RPG applications are executed from a single entry point CGI program.

The JSMDirect CGI program handles the reading of the HTTP request and sending of the HTTP response.

For example, a browser might request the following:


JSMDirect makes the data transfer to the JSM transparent to the application developer and greatly simplifies application development. For example, if you are creating a 2-way XML application, your customers will send you an XML document. Using JSMDirect, the XML document can be sent by the customer and a LANSA function will be run to receive, process the XML document and send a response. XML parsing and translation are supported directly from the Java Service Manager.

For details on running LANSA applications with JSMDirect, refer to Java Service Manager HTTP Extensions.