1.4 What is Integrator Studio?

Integrator Studio is an integrated desktop application that allows a single point of management for JSM Server instances as well as the resources used by your Integrator applications or projects.

Studio's easy to use graphical interface greatly simplifies the configuration and setup of the JSM Server environment. For example, you can display instance information, update JSM configuration files on the server, download trace files, and publish the generated XSL files to the JSM Server.

Studio allows local management of content using project folders. Project folders allow you to group any files that are part of a specific Integrator application. Projects also allow you to uniquely tag configuration settings within a JSM instance to simplify setup tasks. Using Studio, files can be published to or retrieved from the instance server by simple drag and drop operations or using pop-up menus.

Integrator Studio also provides a single point of access for the Integrator tools such as the XML and JSON Wizards.

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For more information, refer to Integrator Studio.