1.5 What is Integrator User Agent?

The User Agent is an end user (client) application for uploading files to a LANSA Integrator application. It allows data in Excel spreadsheets, text files (using comma or tab delimited formats) or XML files to be validated and sent from Windows and Linux clients to remote hosts via HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, FTP or JMS message.

For example, a buying trading partner could enter ordering information in a spreadsheet and send the file to a remote trading hub. The remote trading hub can use a single LANSA Integrator program to process the files, regardless of format, and return the processed messages back to the user agent.

The User Agent can be run interactively or via a batch process, making it ideal for uploads from workstations to a host for regular tasks such as end of day processing.

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For more information, refer to Integrator User Agent.