Edit Manager Properties (EDTJSMMGR)

The Edit Manager Properties (EDTJSMMGR) command uses the EDTF command to edit the manager.properties file in the system subdirectory.

It is recommend you use Studio to maintain this file.

The manager.properties file configures the JSM instance. It controls the TCP ports used, tracing, secure socket layers and many other important properties of the JSM execution.

The manager.properties file is loaded when the JSM starts. If the manager properties change, you must stop and restart the JSM in order for the changes to take effect.

When you select the option to Edit JSM Manager Properties, you will be prompted to enter the following:


The instance defaults to a value of *DEFAULT. This is the recommended value. The default instance is defined in the JSMMGRDTA data area. This value can be changed using Change Default Instance (CHGJSMDFT).


Following is an example of the manager.properties file:


Edit File: /jsm/instance/system/manager.properties


************Beginning of data**************


# Java Service Manager configuration








************End of Data********************


Using a resource file allows the instance to be externally configured. The file can also be configured for different languages or regions. Refer to Resource Properties-Internationalization.