2.9 Java Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism

An endorsed standard is a Java API defined through a standards process other than the Java Community Process (JCP).

Because endorsed standards are defined outside the JCP, it is anticipated that such standards may be revised between releases of the Java 2 Platform.

In order to take advantage of new revisions to endorsed standards, developers and software vendors may use the Endorsed Standards Override Mechanism to provide newer versions of an endorsed standard than those included in the Java 2 Platform as released by Sun Microsystems.

Classes implementing newer versions of endorsed standards should be placed in JAR files. The system property 'java.endorsed.dirs' specifies one or more directories that the Java runtime environment will search for such JAR files.

Refer to: http://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/guide/standards/

Issues running Xalan-Java on JDK 1.4

Some versions of JDK 1.4 are packaged with an old version (2.2D11) of Xalan-Java.

JDK 1.4 will attempt to use this version instead of any on the classpath.

Unfortunately, this causes problems when attempting to use a newer version of Xalan-Java with the JDK 1.4.

Java command arguments




Directory containing the latest Xalan jar files.