3.4.1 Manager Tracing

Manager tracing allows the JSM to output information about the instance that is being started. This information reports the instance configuration parameters in use, but its main use is to report the properties of the JVM being used.

When manager tracing is enabled, STDOUT and STDERR are directed to the trace files STDOUT.TXT and STDERR.TXT instead of a spool file in JSM output queue. Java Virtual Machine and instance information is logged to a MANAGER.TXT file.

To turn on Manager tracing, uncomment the trace.manager keyword in the manager.properties file.



To turn off Manager tracing, you can either comment the trace.manager keyword or change the value from *yes to *no.

Example trace directory listing

Directory: /jsm/instance/trace/123456


  MANAGER.TXT            STMF

  STDOUT.TXT             STMF

  STDERR.TXT             STMF

  2005-06-22             DIR


Directory: /jsm/instance/trace/123456/2005-06-22


  CLIENT00000001         DIR

  CLIENT00000002         DIR

  CLIENT00000003_NAME    DIR