3.4.2 Connection Tracing

To trace the commands being sent from the client program to the JSM instance, you need to uncomment the trace.connections keyword in the manager.properties file.

The property trace.connections will turn on tracing for all services.

When a client program connects to the JSM instance and connection tracing is enabled, trace files are created in the JSM instance trace/jobnumber/date/CLIENTnnnnnnnn sub-directory.

The client directory sequence number is a unique incremental number assigned to each client thread.

The client communication trace records are written to a TRANSPORT.TXT file and the service trace records are written to a SERVICE.TXT file in this client trace directory.

Reminder: In order for changes to the manager.properties file to take effect, refresh the running JSM instance. Refer to Java Service Manager Refresh.

Example trace directory listing

Directory: /jsm/instance/trace/123456


  MANAGER.TXT            STMF

  STDOUT.TXT             STMF

  STDERR.TXT             STMF

  2005-06-22             DIR


Directory: /jsm/instance/trace/123456/2005-06-22


  CLIENT00000001         DIR

  CLIENT00000002         DIR

  CLIENT00000003_NAME    DIR


Example file listing of a client trace sub-directory

Directory: /jsm/instance/trace/123456/2005-06-22/CLIENT00000001


  SERVICE.TXT            STMF