4. Java Service Manager HTTP Extensions

If the LANSA function/RPG program is being executed from a request over the Internet (i.e. it is invoked by a CGI program from an HTTP server), then the JSM Client is a LANSA function/RPG program started via JSMDirect.

4.1 JSMDirect

4.2 JSMProxy

4.3 JSMAdmin

4.4 Location of the LANSA System (IBM i)

4.5 Location of the LANSA System (Windows)   

4.6 Location of the LANSA System (Linux)

4.7 Exit Programs (IBM i)

4.8 Deployment (IBM i)

4.9 Log Files (Windows)

4.10 Apache Directives

4.11 Apache URL Rewriting

4.12 Apache Reverse Proxy

4.13 Apache SSL Support

4.14 Apache Tracing (IBM i)

4.15 SSL Support

4.16 SSL Handshake

4.17 JSM HTTP Server


For details about installing the JSM Manager, JSMDirect and JSMProxy, refer to Install Other Features in the Install or Upgrade LANSA on Windows Guide.